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1) When a financial institution is responding to a formal criminal investigation by a law enforcement agency, what is the primary purpose of requiring information going through a central point within the institution?
2) Which of the following best describes the “alternative remittance system”?
3) When should a compliance officer recommend that a financial institution conduct an internal investigation? Choose three out of four.
4) After reporting suspicious activity to the appropriate authorities and they request additional follow up on the reports, which of the following actions should an AML compliance officer do?
5) The tactic in which individuals make multiple deposits in small quantities to avoid detection is called:
6) Dirty money, derived from criminal activities of Belgian Criminal A, is sent to a foreign bank account of Corporation B. Then in Belgium, a new investment Company C is incorporated. Criminal A is appointed as a director of Company C. Company C borrows money from the foreign Company B and buys real estate in Belgium. The real estate is rented to third parties. Director (Criminal) A also rents an apartment in the building. With the funds generated by the rent, Company C pays off the loan to Corporation B, and the salary of Director A. Criminal A now converted his dirty money in legal funds. This laundering method is commonly referred to as what?
7) What three steps should be taken when there is a criminal investigation that is targeting the bank itself?
8) Most frauds are committed by
9) In conducting a criminal investigation, what are three things that the law enforcement investigator should do?
10) A bank in Italy holds a business account for an Italian company that sells gold throughout Europe and the Western Hemisphere. The bank knows the purpose of this account is to receive payment for sales. A review of the account shows a pattern of wire transfers coming from payable-through accounts. There is also a pattern of purchases of gold bullion held in Swiss banks. The MOST important factor in assessing whether money laundering is a threat is that the:

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