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1) Which of the following best describes the “alternative remittance system”?
2) A new customer approaches a bank to open a commercial account. The customer provides an address for the account located across the city from the branch. When asked by the account representative if the customer requires any additional banking services, the customer responds she is also interested in opening a personal investment account. The account representative refers the customer to their broker-dealer. The customer tells the firm representative she has never had a brokerage account before and has a few questions about how an investment account works. The customer asks how deposits can be made into her account, if there are any reporting requirements, and how to go about moving balances out of the account using wire transfers. No questions are asked about fees associated with these transactions. Which three items would be considered suspicious?
3) An AML compliance officer is looking to establish a suspicious activity reporting process at her small institution. Which of the following would be the best course of action?
4) What three steps should be taken when there is a criminal investigation that is targeting the bank itself?
5) A compliance officer is looking to provide some way to report on the effectiveness of the AML program to senior management. Which of the following would be the most appropriate means to keep senior management informed of these efforts?
6) The compliance officer is trying to put together a set of procedures for handling the documentation that supports the filing of an STR. What should the compliance officer recommend to be part of these procedures?
7) Marie, a compliance officer at a financial institution, attends an annual AML-industry conference and learns of a new regulation that will impact her current AML processes. The regulatory environment has been relatively stable within the industry for several years, but Marie is glad she attended this conference to get news of the new requirements. What should Marie do to stay abreast of future changes in requirements?
8) The following elements are crucial in creating a culture of honesty except:
9) Which of the following is the most difficult regulatory challenge facing a foreign financial institution with a correspondent banking relationship in the U.S.?
10) The following are (is a) good control(s) for preventing fraud

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