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1) The compliance officer is trying to put together a set of procedures for handling the review of potentially suspicious transactions. What should the compliance officer recommend be part of these procedures?
2) In which case might a Suspicious Transaction Report NOT be necessary?
3) In general, the three phases of money laundering are said to be: Placement,
4) A financial institution has determined that opening accounts for certain types of customers is not worthwhile, as the cost of implementing controls is too great for the revenue earned from the customers. Which of the following options is the most effective way to enforce such a decision?
5) When a financial institution is responding to a formal criminal investigation by a law enforcement agency, what is the primary purpose of requiring information going through a central point within the institution?
6) A customer at a brokerage firm indicated that he was primarily a conservative, long-range investor. The customer has recently been engaging in day trading in penny stocks. What should an AML compliance officer do in such a situation?
7) About an hour before closing time, a construction worker comes to a financial institution and wants to provide cash in exchange for sending money abroad. It is the middle of summer and the customer indicates that he’s been outside for the bulk of the day and needs to send money to a family member who is in another country. Which of the following would be considered the biggest concern with the customer and his request?
8) When documenting ongoing training efforts, which of the following should be documented to demonstrate the distribution of the training to appropriate employees?
9) A financial institution branch manager who has been in place for over ten years has not taken a vacation for almost four years. The company does not allow employees to roll vacation over from year to year. An AML compliance officer has noticed unusual activity in several accounts at the branch location. What should the AML officer do?
10) After reporting suspicious activity to the appropriate authorities and they request additional follow up on the reports, which of the following actions should an AML compliance officer do?

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