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1) A financial institution branch manager who has been in place for over ten years has not taken a vacation for almost four years. The company does not allow employees to roll vacation over from year to year. An AML compliance officer has noticed unusual activity in several accounts at the branch location. What should the AML officer do?
2) According to the FATF 40 Recommendations, the threshold for identifying occasional customers at financial institutions is:
3) Which statement is true?
4) A small broker-dealer has an AML compliance program that addresses procedures for filing Suspicious Transaction Reports and includes policies, procedures and internal controls for customer identification, monitoring accounts and identifying money laundering red flags. Every employee of the broker dealer is trained via the Internet in January and in July on AML issues. The board does not take the Internet training. Instead, the compliance officer organizes a luncheon for them where an outsider comes in and trains them. The program provides for the appointment of a compliance officer, and once a year the compliance officer conducts an audit to test the program. In what respect does the program need improvement?
5) International trade in goods and services can be used as either a cover for money laundering or as the laundering mechanism itself. What is MOST important for the launderer when engaging in this method? The ability:
6) The compliance officer is trying to put together a set of procedures for handling the documentation that supports the filing of an STR. What should the compliance officer recommend to be part of these procedures?
7) In which case might a Suspicious Transaction Report NOT be necessary?
8) What are three factors a prosecutor should take into consideration in deciding whether to bring criminal charges against a financial institution?
9) A compliance officer is looking to improve a compliance program for a financial institution that operates in several countries. The institution has developed a consistent customer due diligence (CDD) requirement for all customers of the institution that exceed each of the individual countries’ requirements. When looking to provide management reporting on the CDD compliance efforts of the institution, which of the following would make most sense?
10) A longtime customer of the bank comes into the bank a number of times over a series of weeks and deposits a large amount of money and, the next day, asks for the money to be wired to a third world country. This behavior is not in keeping with his normal business practices. What should the compliance officer recommend?

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