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1) Dirty money, derived from criminal activities of Belgian Criminal A, is sent to a foreign bank account of Corporation B. Then in Belgium, a new investment Company C is incorporated. Criminal A is appointed as a director of Company C. Company C borrows money from the foreign Company B and buys real estate in Belgium. The real estate is rented to third parties. Director (Criminal) A also rents an apartment in the building. With the funds generated by the rent, Company C pays off the loan to Corporation B, and the salary of Director A. Criminal A now converted his dirty money in legal funds. This laundering method is commonly referred to as what?
2) What are three developments that should cause a financial institution to conduct an internal investigation?
3) Which of the following should an anti-money laundering specialist include on an internal investigation log?
4) A customer at a brokerage firm indicated that he was primarily a conservative, long-range investor. The customer has recently been engaging in day trading in penny stocks. What should an AML compliance officer do in such a situation?
5) What is the Right of Reciprocity in the field of international cooperation against money laundering?
6) When should a financial institution consider retaining an experienced outside counsel to assist it?
7) Which three of the following statements are true?
8) What are the three key goals of an anti-money laundering program?
9) A compliance officer is looking to improve a compliance program for a financial institution that operates in several countries. The institution has developed a consistent customer due diligence (CDD) requirement for all customers of the institution that exceed each of the individual countries’ requirements. When looking to provide management reporting on the CDD compliance efforts of the institution, which of the following would make most sense?
10) An AML compliance officer was reviewing customers at XYZ Bank and one of the customers (Mr. Sam Tropicana) attracted her attention. Through a period of several months, cash deposits and withdrawals were transacted through his account with amounts ranging between US $7,500 and US $17,000. In addition, Sam deposited two checks, issued by a casino into his account for US $32,000 each. When opening the account, Sam stated that he operated an import/export company. Which of the following additional items should arouse the suspicion of an anti-money laundering compliance officer the most?

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