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1) According to the FATF 40 Recommendations, the threshold for identifying occasional customers at financial institutions is:
2) Which statement is true?
3) Which of the following is the most common method of laundering money through a legal money
services business?
4) As part of their role in fighting money laundering, financial institutions should:
5) In conducting a criminal investigation, what are three things that the law enforcement investigator should do?
6) Robert is a compliance officer for a financial institution. Robert is looking to assess the effectiveness of the current AML program. Which of the following should Robert consider in his assessment of the program’s effectiveness?
7) Which of the following statements is true?
8) What are the three key goals of an anti-money laundering program?
9) The FATF 40 Recommendations say that countries should:
10) Which of the following controls would most effectively minimize the need to correct failures to collect required customer information in the account opening process?

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